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About this item

  • Gently Clean and Deodorize Pet’s Ears. Kopmath dog ear wipes finger are designed to effectively remove earwax, dirt and discharge deeper inside the ears without causing any discomfort. Regular use can prevent ear itching and irritation. Perfect for pets who resist any ear cleansing or those who hates ear drops and cotton swab.
  • Flexible Finger-Shape Textured Wipes. Finger-shape pet ear wipes for dogs finger can be simply slide onto your index finger and wipe any hard-to-reach areas of floppy ears. Unlike small round wipes or cotton balls, you don’t need to worry any slipping out of grip into pet’s ear canal. Moreover, the textured surface enhances cleanliness to remove dirt better. The 1.5in width fits most adult’s index fingers.
  • Safe Ingredients with Soothing Aloe Vera. Kopmath cat ear wipes are formulated with minimal and absolutely necessary ingredient list for sensitive skin, including aloe vera, cornflower extract, vitamin E etc. The specialized aloe vera can clean and soothe relief for pet’s ears at the same time. 100% Alcohol-free, free of parabens and fragrances, ensuring a soothing and non-irritating experience. Safe if licked.
  • Hydrating Touch, Fully Moistened. Plenty of moisture can soften hard and sticky earwax firstly, so that you can completely wipes up it, and won’t scratch puppy’s sensitive ears. The soft and fully-moistened dog ear cleaner finger wipes gives no pressure on pets, and sooth their dry skin in and around their ears at the same time. Pets will love ear cleaning!
  • Portable and Ready-to-use. This dog ear cleaner wipes are disposable and it doesn’t require any water or rinsing. Support ear cleaning anytime at home, in daily dog walking or muddy outing. The compact bottle can be screwed tightly to prevent leakage or moisture loss. Just carry it around and do a quick cleaning anytime anywhere.


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